Alaska Partnership for Infrastructure Protection


The goals of APIP are to improve collaboration and interoperability between the public (municipal, state & federal) and private sectors by implementing the following objectives:

  • Present, train, and recommend pertinent information and outreach to all membership entities such as: Information Sharing, Information Management, Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP), Cyber-Security Awareness, and Resource Management.
  • Increasing APIP partnership statewide.
  • Conduct various types of exercises that highlight sector interdependencies.
  • Encourage information sharing and increased threat awareness among Critical Infrastructure (CI) stakeholders.
  • Provide a safe partnership environment for CI owners/operators to increase resilience statewide.



The Alaska Partnership for Infrastructure Protection is an internationally recognized organization that coalesces the eighteen nationally understood private-public sectors of critical infrastructure into a pro-active partnership. Our cooperative system remains one of the most excellent examples of the regional application of critical infrastructure interaction between the private and public sectors.

Upon inception in 2005, the hallmark of APIP has been the private and public sector’s direct connection to the State Emergency Operations Center, which now includes the membership Rapid Alert System during a statewide emergency. Culmination through communication is and has been the lasting legacy of APIP. “Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts”. The most vital revelation of APIP’s foundation is cooperation. Part of the passion inherent to our partnership comes with its constant acknowledgment of our mission purpose: to maintain the continuity of a prosperous Alaska, amidst the threat or occurrence of disaster.

Alaska is globally known for its vast natural resources and strategic location, and therefore engenders national attention. With its diverse partnership of global corporations, Alaskan companies, and government agencies, APIP recognizes this responsibility and serves to continue its forward momentum in designing services and strategies for state infrastructure resliency.


Alex Fonteyn